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Mornings with Max

For the next few months until baby four arrives Max and I get to spend every morning together while his sister is at school and his brother is at nursery. I am trying really hard to make this time really special for both of us and not spend the whole time catching up on chores, which is sometimes easier said than done. 

I really treasure this time we have together, especially as my third child he can sometimes get a bit lost in the chaos. It is extra lovely at the moment as his language explosion has started and I can go with his love of repeating "rocket, car, apple, chair" and so on all day long! My very favourite is when he shouts "happy" and puts his arms up in the air. I could listen to that on repeat all day long! 

When you just have one child it's so easy to indulge your child with time and attention, and these beautiful toddler days can be filled with trips to the park, walks, painting, baking etc. but sometimes when other children come along, particularly with close age gaps, it can be harder to do some things when you're also looking after one or more other children. Not that you can't do things but it all just takes a bit more planning. Painting or baking with 3 children is rather more challenging than painting with 1 for example! 


We made a decision a while ago that now that our eldest two are 6 (I nearly wrote 5...still getting used to this change!) and 3 (so very nearly 4!) that we will start to spend time with them individually as well of course still planning plenty of family time. I think when you have a large family, it's important for all the children to get the chance to spend time with their parents on their own as well as together. It gives them a chance to just be themselves, rather than having to compete for attention all the time. And it gives us a chance to really know them as individuals. A few weeks ago I took Imogen out to the Royal Albert Hall to see the Dance Proms. We had a lovely evening together and wow was it stress free! 

I am looking forward to many more mornings with Max over the next few months and adventures with Imogen and Oren too. 


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