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That was November: This is December

November 002
November was very lovely this year all due to being in our wonderful new home. It was full of adventures and discoveries. November can be such a hard, cold, dark month but this year it whizzed by in a jam-packed way. I did struggle with too much work stuff getting in the way of wanting to stop working but it made be realise just how right I am to be stopping work for a while and concentrating on being a Mummy. 

December 001

And now to December. Oh how I love December. It's such a magical month and this year I'm doing my best to enjoy it all rather than trying to do much and get overwhelmed. I always want to make and bake far too much and there just isn't the time with little children at my feet. I'm another year wiser to this fact, so while I'm still crafting and baking I'm keeping it more managable. I want to enjoy it all too! 

I'm looking forward to our visit to Father Christmas, the theatre, seeing friends and family, snuggling on the sofa to watch Christmas films, eating lots of delicious food and sharing the magic of Christmas with children. It's going to be a very good month indeed! 

I am also looking forward to making some plans for the year ahead. I hope your November was a good one and that this final month of 2012 is kind to you. x

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