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Birthday Letter

Each year I like to write a letter to my children on their birthdays, so that they can look back at them when they are older. My little girl Imogen turned 6 today and we've had a fun-packed day that started with ice-skating at Somerset House. So magical! 

To my precious Imogen,

Wow, you are 6! How exciting and special. I know it makes you feel very grown-up to be six, it's a big number. 

You've had another amazing year, full of happy times, adventures, lots of friends and lots of love. You have continued to grow in your creativity and confidence. You really do amaze me every day. You are still always drawing and making. You love drawing monsters with Daddy and crafting with me. And I especially love it when you go into the art cupboard and do some completely independent crafting and make something amazing. Just a couple of days ago I was clearing up after dinner and I looked round to find that you'd made a boat, complete with a sail and flag. You had added some Christmas stickers and sparkle to make it festive! And then you made one for Oren too. 

And that brings me on to the love that you have for your brothers, which just grows and grows and fills my heart with joy. Yes, you all argue as siblings do but goodness me you love each other. The boys spend all afternoon, every afternoon asking when we can go and pick you up from school. And Max also spends a lot of the morning saying "oh, Mimi gone" and looking sad. They adore you just as much as you adore them. My favourite example of this was when I took you to the Royal Albert Hall last month for a special Mummy and Imogen evening. And all evening you just kept saying how much you missed Oren! In a few months your new brother or sister will be born and I just know how wonderful you are going to be with him/her. You have already asked for your first photograph with them to look like the one of you and Max the day after he was born. I can't wait for you to meet. 

A few weeks ago we moved to our new home in London and you started a new school. You've been so wonderful moving here and really helped your little brothers to settle in. I've loved your excitement, enthusiasm and energy. You have really enjoyed all our adventures exploring our new neighbourhood and you have settled into your new school so incredibly well. You have made friends already, as you always do. It's just beautiful to watch. 

Although you are growing up fast I love that fact that you are still our little girl. You still come into our bed in the morning and snuggle between us. You've learnt to tell the time now, so you proudly tell me whether you've managed to sleep until 6am but sadly for me it's too often 5am something when you arrive to begin playing games on my phone or watching your favourite films! Don't be too keen to grow up though lovely and keep our morning cuddles for as long as you can. Six may sound big but hold onto the wonders and innocence of childhood, it is a really magical time. 

Love you so much poppet. Here's to another wonderful year.

Love Mummy xxx 





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