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Pregnancy Portrait - Week 21

Week 21
We had our 20 week (well 21 week) scan yesterday. It was very lovely to see this little one wriggling around all safe and sound. It was extra special because we took our 3 children with us and having them gathered around me watching their baby brother/sister on the screen was so lovely. Oh the excitement, even from little Max who didn't have any idea what was actually on the screen! It wasn't quite so lovely that the appointment was at 5.30pm and they all had a meltdown in the consulting room! And we probably put first time mothers in the waiting room off having any more children but we made it through. Just. 

I love that I am just as excited about this baby as I was with my 1st, 2nd and 3rd! I'm loving feeling him/her moving so much more now and my bump is growing well. My body is really treating me well this time though and I'm not putting on weight anywhere else at the moment. I have put on crazy amounts of weight in my other three pregnancies, so this is quite lovely! I still have about 20 weeks for this all to change though. We shall see! 

Oh little Baby Four, I can't wait to meet you in the Spring! xxx


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