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Old Photo Creativity – Chance to win a free photo book

Today I have the pleasure of bringing you a fun, creative guest post & competition in conjunction with Blurb, my favourite company for creating our annual family books. 

Post by written by Vicki Power on behalf of Blurb.

If you are like me, creativity does not come naturally to you. I am really envious of people who can bake a beautiful cake from scratch and decorate it with tiny flowers or people who can transform an old picture frame into a piece of art. Growing up I used to cover my notebooks with gift wrapping paper, while others decorated the covers with their own art work and musings. 

My friends are wonderfully creative and I have benefitted over the years from their hand crafted Christmas and birthday presents. For my 21st Birthday my friend created a shadow box with photos from nights out and special occasions, this was my most treasured present that birthday. 

Shadow box
For my graduation present, a different friend of mine put her creative juices to the test and produced a lovely vase with artificial flowers in. The glass vase displayed photographs she had taken over the years of places we had been and things we had done. It was so simple, and dare I say inexpensive, but I absolutely loved it. I graduated university in 2007 but the vase and the shadow box are still displayed in my room.

All of us have boxes of photos that were taken pre-digital camera era and I am guessing the majority of these photos sit in a box in a cupboard or under the bed and are very rarely seen by anyone. There are so many ideas that can transform that box of old photos into something that you are proud to display in your home and they don’t require an exceptionally creative brain.

Photo Collage

A photo collage is a really simple way of displaying lots of photos in one area and can be done in themes such as family, friends, holidays etc. A photo collage doesn’t require significant creativity. Instead of getting a frame and sticking 100 photos into a rectangle and then plonking it on the wall, think outside the box, annoying pun, I know. I saw a lady recently with a strange looking coffee travel mug and on closer inspection I noticed the travel mug was covered in tiny photos of her children. The photos could be seen through the clear plastic outer layer. I thought this was brilliant and really easy to create. And another bonus, you can bring it everywhere with you.

Digitalize old photos

With the use of a scanner, your creativity can take leaps and bounds. Scanning old photos into the computer can help preserve them and also open up doors to allow you to use these old photos in photo books, social media, duplicate, mutilate, share them with friends and family etc. 

Creative Competition

 In conjunction with Emily Quinton, the startup wife, Blurb would like to run a competition to find the most creative of Emily’s readers.

Blurb creates high quality photo books online, allowing you to be a published author and have full creative control of your very own book. 

Emily will be selecting the winner and the winner will receive a voucher to create their very own photo book for free.

How to Enter

To be entered into the competition is very simple

Step 1: You will need to post an image of your creation on your blog with a brief instruction on how you created it, for us non-creative types. Include a link to the Blurb website in your post – www.blurb.co.uk

Step 2: Put link to your blog post in the comments here which will allow Emily to view your entry and select her favourite

Step 3: Enter before the closing date of 21st December 2012 – Happy photo-ing! 

Good Luck! I can't wait to see what you all create. 

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