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Moving {back} to London with little kids


As you have probably gathered already two weeks ago we left our commuter town in Hertfordshire and moved back to London. We made the decision to move back very early on in our two year stay in Hertfordshire and it's no secret that I was pretty unhappy there to put it mildly. By moving back to London with our three young children, we have certainly gone in the opposite direction to most people who move in/out of London with children. Nearly everyone I met in our town had moved out of London for the schools and the green space. They had moved for their children. And yet, we've made the decision to move back to London for both us and our children. 

I don't regret our two years out of the city, mainly because it has given me the certainly that for our family being in London is the right place to be. And after just two weeks we are all so happy and settled. We have moved to a new area but I'm already feeling so at home and I can see us being here for a very long time, which makes me so happy. 

Imogen now has a place at a local school. We've got some lovely new neighbours with children the same age as us. We have a crazy number of parks with fantastic play areas. We have an amazing local museum and a gallery we haven't even been to yet. We have wonderful shops just moments away. And best of all we see so much more of Stef who no longer has to suffer 3-4 hours of commuting each day. 

Two weeks in, this is the best move we have ever made and I am so excited about what the future holds. The city is definitely our home. 


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