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Visit to Moshi Monsters HQ

Last week we were invited to Moshi Monster HQ at the Mind Candy office in Shoreditch. Mind Candy was formed in 2004 and is one of the world's fastest growing social online gaming companies and the publisher of Moshi Monsters. 

As a mother of a 5 year old I have become aware of Moshi Monsters over the past 12 months or so. There have been Moshi Monster parties to go to, the occasional Moshi Monster magazine and a couple of Moshi Monster toys. I think they are cute and I know if I was a child I'd love them. We haven't ventured onto the online games yet but after our visit last week my children are counting down the days for the broadband to be connected in our new house, so they can get stuck in! 

We loved the Mind Candy office and with the beanbags in the tree house office, walls of post-it notes and the drawings on the walls I think my children felt very at home. I overheard some of the other visitors sounding quite surprised about meetings on beanbags but having a daddy who works in creative start-ups meant my little ones took it all in their stride and I felt at home too! 

The morning was beautifully organized for the children with a long table full of all the new games and products for them to play with, face painting, Moshi Monster cakes and ice-lollies, a sneak preview of the new Moshi Monster TV show and a fantastic goodie bag to take home at the end.

Their highlight was definitely the face painting, which was amazing. They chose which Moshi Monster they would like and a fantastic face painter copied the design onto their cheeks. They didn't wash for at least 3 days! And they loved the reaction from other children at the museum we went to afterwards and in the local shops the next day. Moshi Monsters are clearly a very big deal! 

They all loved watching the Moshi Monster TV show and Oren was particularly excited when he spotted where it had been filmed on our way out. Not only had we spent the morning in the place where the Moshi Monsters are created but where the TV show is made too. For little ones that is huge and so exciting. The TV show is coming soon on the Moshi Monster YouTube channel. 

Our favourite toys we played with were the Moshi Monster App Monster, which comes to life with an iPhone or an iPod touch. You slide in the phone and it becomes the monster's face when you download the Moshi Monster App. And the Booble Bots Moshi Monsters House, which I thought was really cute. And we all love the sweet Bobble Bots Moshi Monsters Moshlings, which make great stocking fillers. 

For the past few days my children having been busy playing lots of Moshi Monster themed games and creating their own version of Moshi Monster land in their bedroom. Thank you very much to Mind Candy for having us over to play! 




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