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Warming Winter Soup - lentil and vegetable

On cold, wet, Winter days I just love to cook a nice warming soup to fill our home with comforting smells and fill us up with delicious home-made soup to keep us cosy. This is a recipe from my childhood, so it's even more comforting for me to make this one. 







Red pepper
4-6oz Red Lentils
1 1/2 pints of boiling water
Tin of tomatoes/passata
Vegetable stock cube
Salt and Pepper

If I have some I also love to add celery. And I don't always use an onion as I hate cutting them up and this is a soup I like to make in 5 minutes flat and let simmer away all morning filling my house with delicious smells! So, if you can't eat onions (a common allergy), don't like them or don't have one then don't let that put you off making this. It will still work and taste delicious. 

I tend to use one red pepper, unless I have more that need using up, 2-3 carrots and a few potatoes. But there are no fixed amounts...just the size of your pot and how many people you would like it to feed. Just add more water as you go along if it's looking too thick for your liking.

I chop it all up, pop it all in the pot, bring it to the boil and then give at a good stir and leave it to simmer. 

It needs at least an hour to cook but the longer you let it simmer away for the better it tastes. It always tastes better the next day too, and is great for freezing. 

When it's cooked you can either wizz it up with a blender to make it into a nice smooth soup or leave it chunky. My favourite is to do half and half. But when I made it last weekend we hadn't unpacked my blender, so we had it chunky. Very hearty and homely indeed.  


Enjoy! x

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