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That was October: This is November

October whizzed by in a haze of packing boxes, moving house and unpacking boxes. It was, at times, a very stressful month. But it was also incredibly exciting. I have dreamed of moving back to London almost since the day we left two years ago. And now it's finally happend and I just couldn't be happier with where we've decided to be. As a place that works for all of us it's just perfect. I think our family are going to be very happy here and after just less than two weeks it already feels like home. 

October was also a beautiful month of Autumnal sunshine and some very pretty days. And my birthday too! Thanks to my beautiful Birmingham friends who helped me celebrate with a weekend back in the city I grew up in.

And so to November. I do love this side of Christmas. I'm less keen on the dark post-Christmas Winter months but November and December fill me with excitement. I love the dark evenings. My children go to bed so much easier when it's dark at tea time! And I love being home and snuggly in the evenings, with candles lit, blankets on the sofa and my warm slippers on. We even have a real fire in our new home, which will make Winter evenings all the more cosy. 

This November will involve more exploring, making new friends and perhaps even Imogen starting a new school. Either that or it will see me really properly begin my home schooling adventures while we wait for a school place to come up. And of course there will also be the start of Christmas crafting and planning. 

I am really excited about this month and I hope you are too! Do you have some lovely plans? What do you love about Winter?

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