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Halloween Cupcakes

I've never really done anything for Halloween but my children are really inspired by it, probably because it involves dressing up and scary things! So, this year we've made a few things and my favourite has been these cute (I mean scary!) cupcakes.  Halloween01

As always with these things I have an idea in my head of how it should be and what we are doing, and then they run with the idea and using their amazing imaginations and creativity they blow me away by taking it to a whole new level. 

We have spiders, monsters, a vampire, spider webs and a ghost. I love them. And so easy to do. Some plain cupcakes, chocolate icing, white icing and a couple of bowls of sweets. 

And we had a great excuse to pop into our local Hope and Greenwood sweet shop for some supplies. I have always loved this shop in Covent Garden and to move somewhere with one just down the road is a very big treat indeed! 


And have you spotted these cute munchkin pumpkins around this year? I couldn't resist them! 


Have fun this evening if you are celebrating. I'm off to attempt to carve the pumpkin. This was not supposed to my job and I now feel incredibly responsible, especially as we're in a new neighbourhood! 


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