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Pregnancy Portrait - Week 17

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Firstly, apologies for this week's image. I have no idea where my cameras are at the moment, so I was forced to use my iPhone camera, which while being good for many things didn't make me smile this time. Normal service will resume next week when we've unpacked more boxes and found homes for more things. Moving is hard at the best of times but when you are doing it with three little children and a baby bump (and no childcare) it can send you a little crazy! 
In the haze, excitement and exhaustion of moving house I nearly compeltely forgot that another week of my pregnancy had passed. I can see that there's a pattern forming here and one day baby four will arrive and we'll still be thinking I'm about 20 weeks pregnant! 
During the house move I have been thinking of my little one though and getting very excited that our fourth baby will be born in London, the city we all love so much. And we have certainly moved to a very child friendly place. Our road is full of young children and friendly neighbours. I feel completely at home already and very sure that this baby is going to start life in a very happy place indeed. 
As I've been unpacking I've found a few of the things I've started collecting for the baby. Obviously most of his/her things will be passed down from a brother or sister but I'm also making sure there are a few precious things that are just theirs. 
1. I fell in love with this cute little lion vest before I was even pregnant. I decided to buy it as a way of staying positive about the future and keep the hope alive that we would be lucky enough to have a fourth. And a couple of months later we were! It's from Baby Gap. 
2. This cute vintage book is adorable. Probably a little too delicate to be looked at for at least the first two years but I think it will look really sweet on a shelf in their bedroom. I found it at the school fair and bought it for 20p. Amazing treasure! 
{There will be more photos of my bump coming soon...} 

It's the little things

It's the little things