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Pregnancy Portrait - Week 16

This little one has been super patient with me this week. I have been one very stressed out Mama but I've turned a big corner in project move house and with only 5 days to go I'm just feeling super excited! And my children are excited too.

"I'm so excited Mummy. We are moving to London where the dinosaur museum is!" {Oren age 3}

So, I'm now in week 16. Thank goodness I am writing these posts as I really would have no idea, which wouldn't be very helpful when I go to register with a new GP, midwife etc. in London next week!

1. Although this week has been so stressful I have still made sure that I've found a little bit of time for myself each evening. Discovering this new magazine yesterday was an extra special treat with perfect timing. Before I had my children I was a big reader and would get through many, many books each year. Now I'm lucky to finish even one! I do love books I can dip in and out of and always have a pile by my bed but magazines have really been my sanctuary over the past few years. I buy far too many but they help me to wind down, to relax and they keep me inspired. I can see that Homemaker Magazine is going to become a big favourite of mine. This first issue comes with the sweetest Christmas source book, so make sure you pick up a copy!

2. And, particularly in the colder months, I do enjoy a cup of herbal tea with my magazine breaks. Pukka teas are my absolute favourites. They are currently running a lovely campaign with WWF to raise at least Β£50,000 for conservation projects across the world with the launch of their new Peppermint and Licorice tea, and they are asking for photo and video contributions to their Beautiful World site too.

Oh and my lovely little  girl took this bump photo this morning. Yes, I make big bumps quickly, which I just love.

How do you like to relax and make sure you find a moment for you?

It's the little things

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