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Being a Start-up Wife is...

...so much easier when things are going well. That may sound a really obvious thing to say but it only really dawned on my this week. This week is the week before we move back to London and here I am on my own with three little children, 15 weeks pregnant, a house to pack and a move to reorganize after a removal company kindly changed everything! 

I have done so much solo parenting and in the past 6 years my husband has spent a lot of time away in the UK and abroad. I'm pretty good at doing the whole solo parenting thing but I am often left when things are really stressful. In the past there have been many times when money has been a huge, huge stress. I'll talk about that more in a future start-up wife post but part of start-up life is taking risks and risks often involve money. Or a lack of it. 

Being left when things are stressful is so difficult. You have to do your best to hold things together at home. The children miss Daddy. And I miss him too. They might not sleep well or just be a bit (or a lot!) more tricky. Communication is usually very hard while he's away. He's super busy the whole time. We might be in different timezones or there might be no/little internet access or phone signal. Whatever the reason is, there is never the level of communication that I need, which is tough.

So, this week he's been on the Scottish Island of Eigg, followed by Shetland and ends the week at a conference in London. I will see him on Saturday morning when we will have two days to finish the house and try and catch up with everything. I'm still waiting to hear about the sky dive he did last week! There's a lot to catch up on. 

I have been on the verge of tears all week with the stress of the move and I have definitely been fed up that's Stef's not here to put it mildly. But...compared to some of the other times he's been away this is a breeze because things are going so well in our start-up life (perhaps something to do with being in an in-between start-ups phase?!). Being a start-up wife takes so much energy, commitment, belief and patience. When things are going well in the start-up life these things are so much easier to give. It's been a long time coming but things really are on the up at the moment and the future looks rosy. 

Next week we begin a new family adventure in London and I just cannot wait. Right, must dash to pack some more boxes and throw out some more stuff! 

If you are a start-up wife too I'd love to hear how you manage when your husband/partner is away from home. 

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