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Pregnancy Portrait - Week 15

I've not had much time to think about the little one this past week, with all energies focused on the move and keeping everything together at home while Stef whizzes around the country sky-diving out of a plane and adventuring back up to Eigg. What great timing!

But one thing I have been finding time for is some prenatal exercise. I haven't done enough of this during past pregnancies and as a result have put on far too much weight, which then hasn't always been easy to shift again once the baby has arrived. Before long I will have four little ones to look after and I know that I'm much better at this job when I am fit and energised. I have always practiced yoga during my pregnancies and have used it in my labours but this time I'm adding some work-outs too and it feels great. I am currently enjoying these two by Davina and Erin O'Brian. Erin's is pretty full on, which I really love at the moment but I can see that Davina's may become my firm favourite during the final weeks!

Not only does it keep me fit but it also means that in all the madness I am concentrating on the baby and my body for a little while. I love the relaxation at the end when I can really focus in and connect with my little one. Beautiful.

The blanket is one of the only baby things not packed up in storage at the moment. It was also used at our wedding. It's falling apart but I still love it. I'm hoping to crochet my own blanket for the baby too if I can finally get the hang of it!

I have started to feel the first baby flutters, which is really lovely. I know the little one can't hear yet but I love how the children chatter away to him/her every day. There's lots of love floating into this bump that's for sure.


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