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{Start-up Spotlight} The Data Necklace

If you follow me on Twitter I am sure you have already seen (too) many tweets about the Data Necklace that my husband has made but I wanted to write a bit about it here too, as I know some people are still asking me about it.

The necklace represents my tweets over time. The longer pieces are a representation of the number of tweets I made in a month, and the shorter pieces represent the number of times I used the word 'love'. I use that word a lot you see and I think Stef chose it as a romantic gesture too! Perfect for both reasons! Etched along the side of the shorter pieces is one of my love tweets from that time period. And this to me is the completely genius and adorable part. Each of these pieces is a little precious memory for me. Stef describes it as "a 21st century locket", which sums it up so perfectly. When Stef gave me the necklace (which was a complete and beautiful surprise!) I first loved it's colour and design. I loved the fact that Stef had designed and made it for me. But then later on when I took it off I had time to read through all my tweets. And it just blew me away. Memories of holidays, of times with friends, of precious moments with my children, of winning an award, were all there.

I use Twitter pretty much every day to connect with friends and colleagues, and to record moments during the day but most of it is lost and forgotten. The Data Necklace is a most wonderful way of preserving those memories.

What I also love about my necklace is that it joins together Stef's skills as both an artist and a tech guy.

IMG_4735You can read all about how Stef designs and makes the necklaces and see photographs from his gallery show at the Whitechapel Gallery. And also follow links to all buzz that's been in the Guardian, the Observer, the Wall Street Journal, on the BBC and on blogs too.

You can choose any word, any colour. This is my 'love necklace' but there are so many ideas of what you may like on yours. There are also future projects with felt and metal coming soon too!

You can support the Data Necklace on Indiegogo by giving as little as $5. Or if you're fast you can buy your very own Data Necklace for a special First Supporter price of $250.

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