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Turning 36

{birthday sky!}

Wow, I'm 36 today! What a lovely grown-up number. 

Being 35 was a pretty stressful but also amazing year. It started in the worst way possible with me coming out of hospital having just had an ectopic pregnancy removed. We then had big work drama for a few months and just at the point when we thought that we couldn't possibly take any more stress and things began to turn around and heading in a direction we hadn't been in for years. And it's just kept on going upwards. It's a very exciting time for us indeed, especially as we're back off to live in the city we love so much in just a few weeks time. 

But the very best way to end being 35 and begin being 36 is with  a 13 (almost 14) week baby in my tummy, something that seemed so impossible this time last year. 

Being 36 is set to be equally amazing and crazy as I will become a mother of 4 children, age 6 and under! I can't wait! And I will also be creating a new home for us all in London. What I am very excited about is that I will be doing all this with all my love and energy, and not dividing it with work as I have done for the past 6 years. My little girl said to me last night, "Mummy, you used to work lots and get quite grumpy but now you hardly ever get cross with us. I love it this way much better." Exactly. And so do I. 

Every year we write in birthday and Christmas cards a promise that this year will finally be a good one with less stress and more fun. This year I really do believe Stef's card!

Here's to beig 36! 

Pregnancy Portrait - Week 14

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