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Finding moments of calm in the chaos

This week I've suddenly been completely overwhelmed about moving house in four weeks time. I'm not worried about moving back to London, I'm incredibly excited. I'm not worrying about moving the children, as they are incredibly excited too. I'm just quite overwhelmed at the whole packing up thing and all the paperwork and admin I know I need to do.

My husband has just got back from being away and before I know it he's got to go away for another week. We are all away for a weekend. And then suddenly it all feels very close indeed. I am doing all the sensible things like writing lists, regularly packing boxes (even if I only have time for 1 or 2) and clearing out drawers of junk. I am pacing myself and making sure that I keep doing something every day.

But sometimes the wave of stress overwhelms me and I need to find little moments of peace and calm amongst all the boxes and bags.

These flowers, which I bought from Colombia Road flower market, have really kept me going this week. So pretty, happy and calm. And breathe... 

{All images taken with Instagram.}

It's the little things

It's the little things