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Being 18 months old

Maxy collage 01
I hadn't forgotten just how much I love 18 months-2 years. It is possibly the cutes, most adorable thing to watch your little baby become a little person. No longer sitting watching the world go by but a fully fledged part of it all. So many laughs and giggles at just how amazing it is. And for Mr Max everything is so fascinating and new. His language is starting to develop, which he thinks is hilarious! And he chats away to us in his own little language full of so much expression and (his own) meaning, it's wonderful. He will come and tap me on the leg or arm, whichever he can reach, and look me straight in the eye and with all his sounds and expressions tell me so much. Or put out his hand if he needs to take me somewhere to show me something.

And his curls! He can get away with anything with those cute ringlets!

Maxy collage 02
With all this cuteness, the fact that he has also developed the ability to scream, to shout, to lie on the floor and get very cross indeed, is all forgiven!

Maxy-boo you are the best! x

Happy, happy news!

A weekend all to myself