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A weekend all to myself

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I am actually counting down the hours to the weekend because this weekend it's just me. The children are off for their weekend away with our wonderful nanny and my husband is up in Scotland until next week. 

I'm longing for some uninterrupted time for myself to potter and to enjoy a full night's sleep without any teething, coughs or nightmares. And to be able to properly relax without needing to think about school runs, nursery pick-ups, snack times, lunch times, lunchboxes, nappy changes, nap times, bath times... I love it all and adore being a mum but every mum needs a break once in a while. I always know that once I've had a break I'm always a better parent too. 

We usually try and spend our child-free weekends together but as Stef is geek in residence on the Scottish island of Eigg at the moment, all his trips up there keep clashing with our weekends together. Not next month though, so I'll look forward to that one and for this one just be happy to have some time to myself. 

I have plenty of clearing the clutter and packing to do but I'm also planning to do some crafting, photography and have some fun in London with a friend on Sunday. Oh and definitely  treating myself to some flowers from Colombia Road. It's been too long since I did that. 

I hope you have some lovely plans for the weekend. 

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