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A cloud and magic rain mobile

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"Do you like my mobile? Does the rain look ok?

"The blue ones look perfect but errr...Mummy, rain doesn't come in pink!"

"Well, it can do in your imagination if it's magic rain."

"Oh." She closes her eyes and says, "yes, yes, I can see it now. It's so pretty!"

I have had this in my head for months after seeing one in a back issue of Mollie Makes (I think?!) or at least something similar, and I wanted to make it for my friend's little girl. For a million annoying reasons I've only just got round to making it. Better late than never I suppose and I also guess the little lady will be graduating to her own room soon, so it's probably good timing! 

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Super easy to make. Just cut out two cloud shapes out of felt, sew them together, fill with stuffing and then sew on the raindrops. I've done all this by hand as someone has hidden my sewing machine leads in the big move project. But if you have your machine (and leads) to hand then you'll be able to quickly sew the raindrops on. And then make a little ribbon loop at the back to hang it. A lovely, easy and happy project. I think I'll make one for our new home.

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