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After a Summer of ups and downs I'm finally starting to feel myself again. I've felt a bit lost over the past few weeks, nothing major but just a feeling of being not quite right. And not feeling in the mood to do anything that I normally enjoy. I've felt a bit blocked creatively and a bit numb. 

Perhaps it was to do with having a break that didn't actually feel like a break and coming home more exhausted than we were when we left. I had also planned lots of things I wanted to do whlie we were away but didn't have the chance to. That made me pretty grumpy! 

But now it's a new season, a new start with the beginning of a new school year, and we also have a new home to look forward to next month. New things, fresh starts and changing seasons always help me to reconnect with myself and my creativity. 

On Saturday we went to Brighton for the day and had fun at the Brighton Mini Maker Faire. We had originally decided to go for the robots and other electronic making stuff but I was super excited when I saw all the felt stuff that was being made there too. I have wanted to try needle felting for ages but never had the chance, so I was delighted when Imogen asked if she could have a go and we both got to learn together. Once I had been shown the initial technique, everything I'd read about suddenly made sense and we quickly worked away together to make this cute pink cat. I just love how the fibres fuse together when you poke it with the needle. We came home with a starter kit and we both have lots of plans of things we want to make. 

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And this week I am finally starting to make two mobiles for some babies that were born a few months ago. Better late than never! I will share some images once they are done. I love crafting in the Autumn and Winter, so I'm looking forward to making a list of projects and getting stuck in. 

Hooray for September, beautiful light, new beginnings and new crafts! 


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