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Going back to school

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My little girl goes back to school today. She starts Year 1 and is very excited. It's so good that she loves school. 

I know I've written this week about our difficult holiday but this Summer holiday really has been lovely. It's been so good having all my children at home and watching them grow closer as siblings. I know two little boys who are really going to miss their big sister tomorrow. And I'm really going to miss her too. I will miss the relaxed mornings and having all her energy and happy times at home. She uses up so much energy at school as she always gives it her all. This is lovely but not so good for us during the week. We often get a rather grumpy Imogen coming home each afternoon. 

However, she very sweetly told me this evening that was because she was younger and in reception last year. This year she won't get so grumpy because she's bigger. Let's really hope this is true! 


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