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My dear Grandma


My very treasured Grandma sadly passed away two weeks ago and today we will gather for her funeral. It will be a very sad day indeed but also a beautiful celebration of her wonderful life. There will be lots of people there and I feel honoured that I will be there as a member of her close family. And, even more so that somehow I will be giving a reading during the service. 

Throughout my 20s my Grandma and I regularly wrote to each other. Sadly I couldn't quite keep my letters to regular once my little ones came along but she totally understood that and enjoyed the occasional letter when I did find a moment. Her letters to me are even more precious now that she has gone. They always started the same way, "To my dear Emily", and so here are some memories and thoughts to my dear Grandma. 

To my dear Grandma,

I still can't believe you've gone. You've always been in my life and a very special part of it. I have so many memories of times spent with you and I will continue to share them with my children as they get older to keep your memory alive.

Your grandchildren have agreed for years that you've always reminded us of the Queen, who you adored. I'm so pleased you got to watch the Jubilee celebrations this year on TV. I know how much you loved it all. 

You had the most amazing collection of hats and I will always remember the time that you let Katharine and I try a selection on. So much fun and so many sweet photos! 

And speaking of collections you also had a huge collection of bells, dolls and so many other treasures. I will pretend I didn't inherit this love of collecting stuff as I am doing my very best to declutter at the moment but you knew that I certainly did! 

You always had beads and ear-rings on, and you always looked so lovely. Your outfits always matched so well. 

You held the best parties with all your fabulous party games. 

I loved the way you always skipped starters to be sure you could fit in dessert! And I think we'll always remember that for years you gave us Vienetta for dessert when we came to your house. We would have been so disappointed if you'd given us anything else! 

You loved animals and even when you no longer had pets, you always told me about all the birds in your garden and loved to hear about my pets. 

I will always remember you for having one of the biggest hearts I know. You seemed to always be looking after half the old people in the town and whenever we came to visit you would ask if we could kindly pop in and see dear Mrs so and so. And not to forget your Young Wives group at church, which you never did stop running, however much you kept saying you would. Amazing. 

I know that you longed to see your granddaughters walk down the aisle and I'm so pleased that you were there for all of our weddings. And of course, your six great-grandchildren brought you so much pride and joy. It was a special moment when you came to meet your first one, Imogen. You adored all of them and we are all so pleased that you had them all gathered around you just a few weeks ago and that we could all be together. 

Somehow today I've got to say goodbye to you and I'm not sure I know how to. But I will be together with all of those that love you so much too, and I know that somehow with the wonderful strength, joy, compassion, love and spirit that you've left us all I will do it. 

Grandma, you were and always will be, a fairytale Grandma and I will love you forever. xxxxx



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