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That was July: This is August

I feel like July just disappeared in a flash. I know time goes fast but this has been my fastest month so far this year. Perhaps it was the end of term, Summer holidays, Olympics starting...far too much excitement for one month. I also had three super lovely shoots, which are my last until the end of September. Some of my favourite work to day is a very special way to end client work for a while. 

I've also been busy working towards our move to London later this year. We've moved so many times and it's always felt like we've had to move in a rush and have just been carrying around loads of junk and baggage. So, I've been busy clearing out drawers and being really ruthless. It feels so good. Clutter is not very good for my soul but I have a lot of stuff! And as we de-clutter I'm realizing what a huge effect it's actually been having on me. July was a big month of de-cluttering!

And we had sunshine after so much rain. I think that's extra special sunshine, although I'm not quite sure where it's gone this week. 

Stef went away to the Scottish Island of Eigg where he is Geek in Residence at the moment, and I'm so excited about what he's going to make with and for them later in the year. I'm also hoping he'll be able to take us one day. What an adventure that would be! 

But right now I am planning our month long adventure to France. We leave tomorrow and I just can't wait. I spent so many childhood holidays in France, my Mum lives there and my Dad has a house there. France is without a doubt my second home and for start-up stress reasons we haven't been for four years. My boys have never been and my little girl doesn't remember her visits, so this is really big stuff for me. The children are super excited and so are we. 

Throughout August I will be writing from France and documenting our trip with plenty of photography, so look out if you want to know what taking a 5, 3 and 1 year old to France for four weeks is like! 

I hope you've had a super July and have some beautiful plans for August. If you have school children I hope you are enjoying, and keep on enjoying, the school holidays! 



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