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That Summer holiday feeling

Next week we will set off on our big French adventure but this week we are enjoying that wonderful feeling that comes with the beginning of the Summer holidays and this beautiful weather is adding to the beauty of it all. 

I've loved watching my children play extra long versions of their make believe games. We have no-where to be, so there's nothing (apart from bedtime) to put an end to the games and their imaginations are on full blast. They have been making their own outfits, building dens, boats and shops. Today they made themselves some bird wings and beaks and flew around the garden. I would have taken photos but the bird costume didn't require any clothes! Summer holidays make you feel that free. 

I've been thinking back to summers with my sister and all the games we used to play over the weeks that went on and on forever. Like my children we loved playing together (most of the time) and the shrieks, giggles and pure delight that have been coming from all the rooms of our house and garden this week have taken me straight back to my childhood memories of summer holidays. 

This is the first summer holiday for my children and I'm determined to fall in love with the holidays and not fear them as many mothers I talk to do. I want to relish in that feeling of freedom too. To let our routines slack enough to be relaxed but also for everyone to still be ok. Children need routine, even if it's a summer holiday relaxed version. I'll report back in 6 weeks time to see if I've managed it! 

How are you doing so far? Are you enjoying it? Have you any great tactics for making it work for everyone? And have you made a list too? Happy holidays! 

It's the little things

It's the little things