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A long weekend just for me

My family are all away this weekend (my husband up in Scotland and my children are going to the nanny's house), so I have three days all to myself. I do have to work tomorrow but then I have a couple of days to rest, do some more packing and clearing out and do some serious planning for our month long trip to France. It's a rather nice way to start the Summer Holidays. A little holiday for me to refresh my mummy powers and get myself organized. And have some sleep uninterrupted by little ones. 

I used to feel a guilty about needing time like this but I don't anymore. We all so much happier when I am happy, calm and rested. I adore having a house full of children and all the chaos and noise that come with that but I also really love pottering about on my own. I was thinking yesterday that I regularly have four simultaneous conversations and that gets exhausting after a while! 

So, it's time for me to top up on some space, some quiet and some calm. To be just me for a few days. We have an afternoon of end of term fun ahead and then we'll be packing bags and off they will all go. By the time I go to bed I will be missing them like crazy but I also know that I will love having a shower in the morning without three little faces pressing their noses up on the shower cubicle! And when they come home I will be all prepared to indulge them for 6 whole weeks with me. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend planned and manage to get some moments of quiet in whatever you are doing. Enjoy! x

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