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First year of school


Tomorrow is my little girl's last day of her first year at school. Wow! The year really had gone by as fast as people said it would do. Last week we received her first school report, which was very lovely and it made me decide to write her a letter about her first year. 

To my dear Imogen,

Wow! You have just finished your first year of school. And what a happy year you have had. You were so excited about going to school and that excitement has never died. You simply love it and that makes me very happy. I really miss you during the day but knowing that you are happy at school means that I may miss you but I never have to worry about you. 

You have learnt so much this year. You have learnt how to read and write, which have made you so proud. You write almost as much as you draw now, and you are always keen to read new words when we are out and about. It is amazing to see you build these skills.

You have made lots of lovely friends and have been to so many parties and play dates. You have quite the social calendar! I love having your friends to play and watching your friendships develop. I also really love that you always want to include your brothers when your friends are here. It's not just your friendships with your school friends that have developed this year but also your beautiful friendships with your brothers.

You have performed in the school plays and were full of confidence and fun on sports day. And you have mastered hula-hooping! What a little star you are. You have been on school trips, attended drama club and enjoyed your packed lunch in your pink Hello Kitty lunchbox every day. 

Tomorrow is your last day of school and the summer holidays begin. We have a big French adventure to look forward to and lots of other fun things. Your brothers and I cannot wait to have you at home with us for the next 6 weeks. What fun we will have together. I know you will love the summer holidays but I also know that you will be looking forward to starting Year One in September when another year of adventures and learning will begin. How exciting! 

Lots and lots of love from Mummy xxx

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