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That was June: This is July

Wow! I can't believe half of 2012 has happened already. Life moves far too fast when you're a grown-up and sometimes I'd love to get back that feeling of even 5 minutes taking forever. Not having a sense of time would be a lovely thing to have from time to time.

June was a month of up and downs but I feel very up at the end of it, so I've decided there were more ups than downs. We celebrated our first wedding anniversary, I won an award, we had bank holidays, half-term, adventures in London and Rye, and Imogen's first Sports Day. I also did Holly Becker's beautiful Blogging Your Way course


I photographed my last (at least for a long while) wedding in June, which means that July has begun with a very different feeling to my usual July panic. It is rather lovely indeed. I have a couple of shoots this month but when I had a quick scan of the month ahead this morning I felt calm and in control. What a lovely place to be. 

July sees the last three weeks of my daughter's first year at school (wow!) and the start of the summer holidays. I cannot wait for a lovely rest from the crazy mornings and grumpy afternoons that have been our everyday since September. And I know two little boys who will be very happy to have their big sister around. She is one very missed little girl during the day. 

I have been having a look at my 12 for 2012 and thinking that I need to make a plan to meet the rest of my targets over the second half of the year. And wondering if I could possibly sneak that one about driving again onto next year's list? We are moving back to the city! (shhh...!) Seriously though that is one I need to sort as soon as we are back from our French adventure. 

I do love this point in the year. I love reflecting on what I've done so far and what I want to do for the next 6 months. Have you had a good half year? Have you got some nice plans for the second half? 

I hope you have a beautiful July and fill it with happy memories. 

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