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What does blogging mean to me?

Over the past few weeks I have been a student on Holly Becker's Blogging Your Way 2.0 course. It's the second course I've taken with Holly and yet again I've learnt and thought about so much, as well as filing lots of things away to think and learn about over the next few weeks and months. On this course we've been so lucky to also be taught by Nichole Balch, Jeanette Lunde and Katrina Tan. Wow! You can see why I had to file some of the amazing stuff away?! So many wonderful lessons from these amazing people.

Taking part in this course and also winning the award last week have both encouraged me to take some time to reflect about what blogging means to me and why I do it. I was rather emotional when I won the Britmums award and very, very happy. It made me realise just how much the past 6 months of writing here means to me and why winning the award has encouraged me to keep going and build on what I've been doing so far.

Blogging definitely provides me with a creative outlet and a space for me in my busy life. It encourages me to do something creative every day. It gives me a reason to take more photographs, to craft, to indulge myself a little bit. Blogging Your Way has provided me with so many new ideas for being creative with and for my blog too and I'm excited about adding some new things to my blog in the near future.

And that leads me onto another reason that blogging is important for me, learning. Since having my blog I've learnt some design skills, I've learnt more about writing, reading, exploring, sharing and so much more. And there's so much more still to learn. I love learning new things. It keeps me feeling alive and having my blog means I'm actively looking out for new things to learn about. It helps me to find the time to learn.

Through the writing, the sharing and the learning, I've also been able to connect with new people, new ideas and new things. I am often aware that since having my children my world has shrunk a little. I'm at home a lot more. I don't see friends as much as I used to. I don't go out in the evening very often and I don't travel as much. I will do all these things again but at this particular stage, it is often easier and happier for all of my family, to stay a little closer to home. And that's no bad thing. But, it does mean that connecting with people through my blog and other blogs, my world can stretch beyond the home, which is a refreshing feeling.

Finally, blogging means I am remembering to look after myself. It gives me a chance to reflect on whether I'm working too hard, not playing hard enough, feeling happy, feeling blue. It reminds me to continue building on my mummy skills and keep on growing as a mother as my children grow too. I learn from them as much as they learn from me, and the blog is a lovely way to record and remember those lessons. Blogging slows me down and enables me to appreciate the loveliness of my every day.

I can highly recommend the Blogging Your Way course for both your blog and you!

Huge thanks to Holly, Nicole, Jeanette and Katrina for a precious course that's given me a chance to learn some new skills, reflect on my blog and my writing and to connect with some new people. You are an inspiration! x



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