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For a rainy day

I have had a packet of Makedo for a little while ready for a rainy day. There was so much excitement when I opened up the tube. "Let's make robots and monsters and lots of stuff Mummy!" This stuff is amazing and can fuel the imagination of the whole family. Look! I love the way that with a few clips and hinges this brilliant connector system enables your creativity to flow and you can build anything from castles to robots, from hats to trains. I know that Makedo is now going to be a staple in our craft cupboard.

Unfortunately the excitement was combined with tiredness/grumpiness, so Makedo was a little overwhelming for this particular morning. I have put plenty of boxes, cartons and tubes away for another day though. I know it's going to be a great activity for the whole family.

But for this sleepy morning the Rolobox came in really handy, as it's designed to make one thing, a Rolobox. There can be no arguments or difficult decisions for tired little people. Just an empty box and some wheels, which is quickly and proudly turned into a cute pull-along truck.




I love both of these creative tools. We all know how much children like playing with empty boxes and these take those adventures to a whole new level and get parents pretty excited too!

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