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Britmums Live: What I'm Wearing

Lots of people are busy sharing what they'll be wearing to Britmums Live tomorrow, so I thought I should do the same. I'll be wearing a dress that was specially made for me by my lovely, talented friend Mr Christian. I have several of his beautiful dresses and he even made my wedding dress.


Tomorrow I'll be wearing my new 2012 one, which comes with this sweet litte bag made by Mr Christian's amazing wife Allison.

And in case you still can't recognise me or don't see this post before tomorrow evening, then I'll also be wearing this beautiful brooch made for me by the equally lovely and talented Vicky Trainor.

Make friends friends with the creative ones people!

Looking forward to meeting lots of blogger friends tomorrow evening at the Awards ceremony (eeek!) x

Mummy wins too!

For a rainy day