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Super Daddy


{image by Polly Alexandre}

We had to briefly celebrating Father's Day yesterday morning before their daddy whizzed off for a weekend of hacking at Culture Hack. The children were bursting to give him home-made cards, bunting and his box of Abel and Cole beer. They rightly adore him.

I feel so lucky every day that I get to share being a parent with this guy. He really is Super Daddy!

{My favourite part of this year's Father's Day was Oren's fish card. This card should have been a tie and he made it at nursery. When they handed him the shape he said "oh I wanted a lion but a fish will do." They tried to show him it was a tie but it made no sense to him. His Daddy is a tech start-up guy. I don't think he's ever seen him in a tie. We all love the fish!}


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