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That was May: This is June

Wow! May is over in a flash! I think that was the fastest month of this year so far. I'd like the other months to all slow down now please. May was my one month of 2012 where I got my work load a bit wrong, which is probably why it went far too fast. There just wasn't enough time to do everything on my to-do list.

It was also an emotional month due to finally having the confirmation that my PhD thesis is no more. But hey, that does mean something is neatly ticked off my list. I have also got a new driving licence all ready to conquer one of the other things.

I ended May feeling pretty upset, mainly due to be exhausted near the end of a week of solo-parenting at a time of the year when my children don't sleep much. We will not be doing another summer without black-out blinds that's for sure. And when they don't sleep I can't work. And when they don't sleep I need someone to share that with, someone to give me a hug and remind me that within an hour of them going to sleep I already miss them! Fortunately that someone is home this evening. Hooray! But this week has also been making me think a lot about what I want to do in terms of my work over the next couple of years. More coming on that soon I am sure but let's just say it's been another period of big thinking.


May was a special month though because little Max learnt to walk! May was definitely the month when my baby turned into a toddler. He's having so much fun right now and I'm so excited for him to have a summer of adventures ahead.

And so to June. June starts with a long-weekend of family time, visits to friends, some time for just the two of us and perhaps one of my last ever weddings. I think June is going to be a beautiful and special month for us, especially as we'll be celebrating our first wedding anniversary. How exciting!

I hope you have some lovely plans for June. Enjoy this extra long weekend we have ahead and don't forget to enter my little competition! xxx

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