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First steps

The past couple of weeks have been extra cute in our family as little Max has been learning to walk. It's such a big thing when your baby turns into a toddler. Max's whole world seems to have changed and he has definitely also taken his first steps towards being a 'big' boy.


He is simply adorable and today he had his first adventures wearing his new shoes in the park. He giggled and smiled the whole time. He was so proud. And even though he is my third child, and I've been through first steps twice before, it was still just as precious and magical.





I'd just like time to stand still for a fews now please, so I can soak up all the cuteness of 15 months for a little while longer. I am making sure I stop, watch and treasure all the moments right now. I want to bottle the cuteness, the happiness and the newness of it all. Precious times indeed.

Time to say goodbye

It's the little things