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Full of happines

My little ones are so good at being completely in the moment. When they are happy (which is fortunately most of the time) they are completely happy. You can just see the happiness oozing out of them with all those giggles, shrieks and laughs. You can see it in their eyes. It's the most beautiful thing in the world.

As grown-ups we can be so lost in all the stuff we have to do, all the plans we have for tomorrow, the rubbish weather, the supermarket shop... all that stuff that can ruin a moment of happiness. It can be really hard to just have that 'completely happy right now feeling'.

We've had a rocky ride of the good ol' start-up life over the past few years. And that's a bit of an understatement. One day I'll write about it all but it could put you off start-ups for life, so I won't do that until I can write about the next few years of things going well (crossing my fingers when I write that!) but it's been really hard for a very long time. Right now we are feeling on an upwards curve and that is an amazing feeling. We have good cash-flow too, which is so, so helpful!

And today I was pottering about while one of my boys was napping and the other one was pottering about with me, and I suddenly connected completely with that full of happiness feeling. That feeling of everything being really good right now. Right in this moment. I'm learning from my children every day about how they capture the moment and really live it. It's not always possible because I really do have to think about other stuff too but today I felt like I really got it.

We have lots of plans for what we're doing in the next year or so. We have holiday plans, moving plans, work plans, we have lots of exciting things on the horizon. I am really happy about all of it but I am also really happy right now, and that is a very beautiful thing that I wanted to share! 

I hope you have a lovely end to the week and have some lovely plans for the weekend. We are off to photograph a wedding tomorrow and then have a day for just the two of us on Sunday. A happy balance!

It's the little things

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