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Book of the week: Pantone Colors

I have fallen behind on my book of the week posts, not because we haven't been reading together, but our weekly after school routine has changed with the addition of swimming lessons and drama club, so I lost my flow a little. I'm back with it now though!

We have all been loving this lovely new book by Pantone. Full of colours, lovely illustrations and of course Pantone references. With parents both working in the creative industries, this book was a must for my children!

I love the names of the colours in the book; Lion Yellow (Pantone 110), Orangutan Orange (Pantone 159), Ketchup Red (Pantone 186), Bouncey Ball Pink (Pantone 7424), Monster Purple (Pantone 254), Police Office Blue (Pantone 2727), Grandma Gray (Pantone 421)...

A really super book for exploring colours. A book I know that we are all going to enjoy having around for a long time.

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