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A pile of books

As part of my plan to make more time for myself in 2012 I have been enjoying some beautiful and inspiring books this year. I have always loved books. I worked in academic libraries throughout my 20s, I can always find peace and inner calm in a bookshop, and still can't imagine ever reading on a Kindle. I love being surrounded by books, even if I only have time to dip into them for ten minutes a day. They provide me with comfort, inspiration, joy and wonderful escapism. This selection covers design, photography, parenting, interior design, a novel and a huge amount of inspiration for life.


Simon Garfield Just My Type

Julian Barnes The Sense of an Ending

Pamela Drukerman French Children Don't Throw Food

Susannah Conway Instant Love

Caitlin Moran How to Be a Woman

Pia Jane Bijkerk My Heart Wanders

Victoria Alexander One, living as one and loving it

Selina Lake Homespun Style

I hope you will enjoy some of these books too. I'd love to hear about what you've been reading lately.

{PS - I am not planing on running away and live as one by the way! It's just a beautiful, positive inspirational book about being happy as one, which I think in turn makes you much happier as two or even as a family of five! The illustrations and paper are gorgeous too.}

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