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That was April: This is May

{image by: O&C Photography}

April was a very happy month, mainly because it involved a holiday. Our first proper holiday for a long time. We also got to meet a very special baby and hang out with her parents, our very special friends.

We also bought a new car. When you have lived without a car for two years (and you have three children!) that's kind of a big deal.

We spent time in London planning our future move back to the city.

I got to do some really lovely family shoots (six in total!) and some love shoots too. And not to forget some teaching. I've also been busy building a new little site for a project I hope to launch later this week/early next.

I'm super excited about May. It does involve a little bit too much work. It's the one month where I failed slightly in my work/life balance but I do still have one weekend day off on 3/4 weeks, so it's not a complete fail!

And as well as work it will be a month of pottering in and out of some lovely new books (more on those coming this week), continuing with our big clear out (so therapeutic), more London move planning and booking our summer holiday.

I also have a plan about what to do about number 4 (the thesis), so I'm rather excited about that.

I hope you had a wonderful April and have some lovely plans for May.

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