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{Start-up Spotlight} Capturing Childhood

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I was so excited to find out about this new venture today. Capturing Childhood has been set up by the wonderful bloggers Kat Goldin and Kat Molsworth and offers ecourses on photographing childhood, your family, and all those special memories that happen every single day.

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I know how lucky I am to be a photographer and to also spend so much time with my children. I get to record memories every day but I know so many parents who would just love the chance to learn some tricks and techniques to capture all those precious moments to make memories that will last forever.

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{image: Capturing Childhood}

Collect the Memories is their first course and registration opens tomorrow! This course is 6 weeks long and will inspire you and give you the skills to make the best use of whatever camera you have to preserve beautiful memories. It costs £75 and if I wasn't already a photographer then I'd definitely be signing up in the morning!

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