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Singing in the rain

Isabel  200
I love how much I learn from my children about positivity and optimism. I can't deny that all this rain is starting to get me down. It's wet, it's cold and it's boring.

Isabel  199
Not according to my little ones. They actually love it. On with the welly boots, the waterproofs, up go the cute little umbrellas and they're off. Splashing in puddles, singing all the songs about rain and thunder that we know. They are quite literally dancing and singing in the rain. They are living in the moment and enjoying all the fun that can be had in the rain. And then coming home for hot chocolate, dry clothes and cuddles on the sofa.

Isabel  201

Isabel  202

Isabel  204

Isabel  205

Isabel  206
Oh these little ones...they seem to be always teaching me just as much, if not more, than I am teaching them!

I hope you are all keeping as warm and dry as possible, or alternatively embracing it all and singing in the rain.

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