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Blogging from my heart

Over the past few weeks I have been incredibly lucky to be a Blogging from the Heart student on Susannah Conway's beautiful online course.

I have been writing and blogging from my heart for quite a long time over on my photography blog, and when I start the Start-up Wife I knew that it would all be coming from my heart. Taking Susannah's course was brilliant for confirming that what I've been doing is valid and completely in the direction I want to go. It was lovely to have a chance to read all her wisdom and experiences, and to get some tips for building on my from the heart writing. I did have a couple of weeks of feeling like my mind and heart might explode with inspiration, feelings and ideas. In a good, but slightly overwhelming way! I have so much to go and re-read. So much more to take in and explore. This is definitely a course that stays with you for a long time after it is finished.

It also gave me the chance to connect with other bloggers from all around the world who were also taking the course. So much loveliness out there.


Thank you Susannah for writing such a gorgeous and inspiring course! x

Registration for Susannah's next course opens this Saturday. It's a wonderful and enriching experience. Sign-up and enjoy!

Singing in the rain

It's the little things