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Why holidays matter

"Did you have a good holiday Oren?" asked his nursery teacher.

"Yes. We went to Wales but there were no whales. We went to the farm and there were giraffes and zebras. I love it" my little guy replied.

We all loved it. The very best week we've had for ages. There was time with family, time with friends and time for just the five of us. There was sand, sea, sunshine, welly boots, rucksack rides, farms, buckets & spades, fish & chips, Easter egg hunts, ice-creams, wine, books, laughs, smiles, snoozes and....we even bought a new car!






We haven't had a proper family holiday for a very long time. Perhaps ever. It was a really simple holiday in Pembrokeshire, Wales but it was just so perfect for all of us. We've had an intense start to the year, so being able to take this time off together was even more important.







Holiday04And it really made us realise how important holidays are for us. It's not just about relaxing and not working (although both those things are super important) but it's about connecting, laughing, completely letting everything else go and just being together as a family. It's about making memories that you can share forever more. And for us it was a little taster of the big summer adventure we have planned. Holidays, however big, small, short or long, are always going to be a part of our lives from now on. How we ever managed to let them go for so long is a mystery but it's not something I'm prepared to let happen again.

While we were away we also got to spend some time with some very special friends and take some special photographs. It was the perfect week!



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