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Back to school

This morning was back to the whirl of craziness that is the school run. I don't think anything can prepare a parent for just how hard it can be to get little children out the house and to school on time. I've always been a fairly organized person but the school run regularly defeats me and after two weeks of Easter holidays, I definitely wasn't quite up to the challenge this morning. I did get there on time (just) and I did remember the book bag, the lunchbox, the welly boots and the PE kit but I forgot the water bottle. Not bad for the first day back! I do hope this school run malarky will get easier one day but I also know that when they are first all at school it will be utter chaos.I try not to think about it!

So, it's back to school for my little girl's final term of her first year. Wow. That's big stuff. She is already asking about Year One. I'd like this term to go really slowly and for Year One to be far, far away. Sadly, when I look at our diary, I know just how fast it's going to go. I am going to do my best to slow it down as much as I can, and stop wishing those tricky hours of 4-7pm away. Those are the precious hours that I get to see my little girl on school days, so they are important. That's my little personal challenge for this term. Embrace the tired, grumpy hours. Treasure them. Wish me luck!


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