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Holiday time!


We are off on holiday today. A Welsh adventure with family and friends. And lots of little children. Our 5 year old is the oldest! A whole week away. I cannot wait. We haven't had many holidays at all over the past few years due to work and/or cashflow getting in the way, so this is very exciting indeed.

We made Easter nests this week (simply melted chocolate, shredded wheat, cupcake wrappers and Mini Eggs - easy peasy!) and I have an egg hunt arranged for Sunday. There are lots of little eggs this year as I realized that it's the seeking and finding of eggs that, at this age, is even more important than eating them!



I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend and a lovely week next week whatever you are up to. I'll be taking my first little blog break but will snapping as usual while we're away over on Instgram (emilyquinton) and I'll be back with tales of our adventures soon.

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