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Manage your expectations

The blossom is here to keep me calm and grounded. I'm feeling far from either. It's day four of the Easter holidays and I'm not doing well. This is mainly due to taking last weeked off for a weekend away with my husband (no regrets there but wow how things pile up in just two days) and breaking my own rule of 'do not work in the school holidays'. I am trying to get ready for us to go away for a week. This means organizing and packing for all five of us and organizing all my work and admin, so I can go away with no stress or worry. Add to this that I'm also breaking my no work rule again on the last weekend of the holiday and need to be ready now to go away for work that weekend too.

I now know why I make these rules. They are important for all of us and when I break them they cause all of us too much stress. Who wants stress in the holidays? No thank you. I will not be making this mistake again in a hurry!

I have also realized that I need to learn to manage my own daily expectations a lot better. I have been learning how to do this little by little ever since I had my first child. The amount I could do in a day (even in an hour) was so much more than I can now. I was also only carrying one person's things to do in my head, and maybe a couple of things for my husband. Now I am juggling so many lists in my head that sometimes I think it might actually explode. I do write many, many lists of course and I'm pretty niffy at the old time management. But if I try to aim to achieve less in the day (sometimes a whole lot less) then I feel so much better. I have more time for my children, for play, for questions, for discussing dinosaurs in great detail and all the other very important things they need me to do. And I feel calm, in control, accomplished and happy. I actually achieve what's on my list. Tick, tick, tick. And it feels so good.

I still have a million things to do of course but they are on other lists. If I feel like I might have some extra time for something else on one of these lists then I can have a little look at another list but there's no pressure on myself to do so.

I have also started making a 3 minute list completely inspired by this. And this list isn't just for chores but it's also for reading books with my children, doing some flash card words with Imogen, singing one of our favourite songs, doing a puzzle with Oren, dancing around the living room with my little ones. Lists don't just have to be full of chores!

Do you have ways of making your lists work for you? Of getting stuff done without feeling completely overwhelmed by it all? Do share, I'd love to hear! x

Holiday time!

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