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A proud Start-up Wife

I am always a proud wife but today even more so, as some big news is announced and a new journey begins.

It's a day of big stuff and a whole bunch of mixed feelings for me. My huge over-riding feeling is of excitement about what is next, and what is already happening. I also have a bit of a smug grin as, for a while at least, I have my husband back from the frontline of start-up life. And that is a very lovely thing indeed. Plenty of stuff is already bubbling though, so I'm sure it won't be too long before the next start-up begins. For now though life is a little calmer and a little less intense.

But I'm also sad for what has been left behind. As a start-up wife I really do feel a part of my husband's work in a way that I may not if he had a regular 9-5 job. Although I don't do any actual work, I am still very much involved. I regularly make sacrifices in my own work and interests to put the start-up first. And, not to forget that I always fuel all the start-up guys with regular home-baked treats. I hope they've advertised for my baking replacement! So, it's always quite sad for me when 'we' exit.

Whatever sadness I may feel today for what has been left behind, I am very, very proud and excited that we are setting off on this new journey full of a lot More Monsters!

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