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That was March: This is April

Wow...I ended March and started April over the most beautiful and relaxing weekend I've had for a long time. Two nights at the Cotswold House Hotel (thank you Mr and Mrs Smith for yet another wonderful hotel recommendation) with my lovely husband and no children. We have had (as always) a very busy month and some time away together to wind down and really not do very much at all was just what we needed. Today was extra special as the sun shone and we got to spend all day in the beautiful gardens, mainly on a sun lounger. In April. Perfect.

March was a good month with some teaching and engagement shoots, plenty of beautiful blossom, a lovely family day in London, and a wonderful week of beautiful sunshine. Spring has definitely arrived and everywhere I go I see pretty photographs to take. I really do love this time of year.

March was also good because we spent a lot of time talking. Not just chatting but actually taking time out to be with each other and talk about stuff. Some big stuff too. I think it's always far too easy to make excuses not to give each other the same time we give to our work or out children. What we need as a couple always seems to come bottom of the list but what I have really discovered this year already, is that if you don't give the time and attention to that then everything else suffers as a consequence. You hear all the time about how communication is the key to a good marriage, a good relationship but I think until you start learning how to commincate really well with each other you really don't appreciate just how important it is. Wow. It's amazing. Set aside some time to learn to listen and to learn to talk to each other. You may already do this really well but I think there's always time to keep building on what you have. It's important and it's beautiful.

April promises to be a special month as we are taking our first proper family holiday for a long time. We have a week in Pembrokeshire over Easter and we are all so excited. I also have some engagement shoots, some family shoots and some teaching but all balanced nicely, so that I haven't taken on too much. I know that with each month that goes by I am getting better at balancing my work, being a mother and having time for myself. I'm feeling rather proud actually! Long may it continue.

This month I will also be completing the Blogging from your Heart course. However, although I'll be completing the actual course I also know that I will be spending lots of time going back through my notes and all of Susannah's wonderful lessons, as well as exploring some of the beautiful blogs I have discovered through taking the course. So much stuff there. If you have a chance to do this course then do. It's quite incredible and very inspiring.

And, I will also be attempting to learn to crochet (one of my 12 for 2012). Very excited about that.

I hope you have some lovely things planned for April too and that it's a month full of happy moments.


It's the little things

Have a beautiful weekend!