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Cute DIY - Little String of Owls


I made this cute little string of felt owls for my lovely friends' new baby. I wanted to make something bright and cheerful to hang in the nursery.

They were so easy to make that I thought I'd share them with you too.


You need:

A selection of felt squares in different colours. I co-ordinated mine, so each one has at least two colours (on the front or back) that match another owl but you can be as creative and colourful as you wish. But you might want to have some yellow felt for the beaks!

Buttons for the eyes. (Please note that the owls are not safe to actually give to a little one to play with as the buttons could be tugged off!)

Needle and thread. I sewed all mine in the same colour but again you could use a selection of colours.

Ribbons for decorating the front.

Toy stuffing.

String. I used felt string but you could use any string or ribbon.


Cut out  two owl shapes (front and back), a beak, a mask and two eyes. And then two little buttons for the centres of the eyes.


Sew on the all the details on the front piece. And then sew the front and back together, leaving enough room along the bottom to put the stuffing in before sewing up.


And repeat until you have a lovely little group of owls to hang on your string.


Once I had finished and wrapped the owls up in tissue I made on of Byebyebirdie's lovely hand-made brown paper packages.


Enjoy! And please do share photos if you have a go at making a string of owls. You could make some rabbits or chicks for a sweet little Easter version! x

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