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Roller Journal

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I really love journal writing and have little (and big) notebooks all over the house and in my bags too. I have one by my bed but I never seem to write much in there these days as by the time I tumble into bed I'm asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. I've been going to bed far too late.

But I've discovered I really love the Roller Journal app on my iPhone. It's so perfect for me and it even sends me a little prompt each day to actual write in it. But it kindly only does it once, so if I don't want to write that day or am too busy, it doesn't continue to bug me. It has a great series of questions for you to answer, which really prompt you to think about your day and be creative. It's really great for saving memories, tapping into creativity and thinking about your day a little differently.

I'll never stop scribbling things in notebooks but my scribbles will sometimes be aided by my Roller Journalling (and cleverly backed up to my Dropbox account!). If you like writing a journal or if you've ever fancied doing it but never had the time, you should give it a go.




Have a wonderful weekend...

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