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Sibling Love


Me: "What will Max do when he's a bit bigger?"

Oren: "Talking words and walking in the woods with me. He'll find the squirrels. They keep hiding."


Oren: "Mummy, Maxi like play with my cars? Share cars with Max?"

Oh wow. After 13 months we have finally got some big progress. There's some love going on here. And some understanding that his little brother is growing up and might even be a playmate soon. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. I have been through all this before when Oren was little and Imogen was desperate for him to get bigger and be less annoying. I know I have to be patient and the sibling love and companionship will grow. Seeing glimpses of it coming now makes my heart sing.


My favourite:

Oren: "Be careful my brother. He little, just little. Be careful PLEASE!"

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